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We love to have fun with our students.... Check back here often to see what we are up to!!

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Breakfast Bingo at Carter Elementary


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Color Me Breakfast - Johnson Elementary


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Breakfast with the Principal - DRA


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Breakfast with the Principal - SHHS

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Breakfast with the Principal - Dr. Carreon Academy 


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Football Breakfast- Indio High vs Kennedy Elementary


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Football Breakfast SHHS vs Eisenhower Elementary


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Hero Day - Hoover Elementary


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Halloween - Franklin Elementary


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Halloween Fun!


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NAC- Nutrition Advisory Class


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NAC- Johnson Elementary


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NAC - Roosevelt Elementary


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Taste Testing at Lincoln...Yeah Dates!!


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More Dates at Van Buren!!


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Persimmons at Eisenhower...Yummy!


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Strawberries are #1.. at Eisenhower Elementary


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We love Johnson Elementary!


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Hidden Harvest at Lincoln Elementary


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Nutrition Tour at Van Buren... Where did you get your Mustache?


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Johnson's Running Club Top Winner... Awesome!!


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Dr. Carreon Academy Mileage Club-2014


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Indio High Track visits Hoover's Running Club


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100 Mile Club at Hoover.. Great Job!!!


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Eisenhower's Running Club Winners!!


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Eisenhower Running Club..Do you belong to the 25 mile Club yet?